How Laser Liposuction Differs from Traditional Liposuction

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Advancements in cosmetic and plastic surgery technology are inevitable and indispensable. In this article you’ll learn how one such advancement – laser liposuction differs from traditional liposuction. You’ll also learn what makes the new technique so much more advantageous than the traditional technique.

Benefits of Laser Liposuction Surgery Over the Older Method

Difference of Anesthesia – The older method uses general anesthesia which will make the patient temporarily unconscious and also means a greater probability of post-operative complications. Patients undergoing the laser mode are administered local anesthesia which causes loss of sensation in only a particular part of the body. It is safer than general anesthesia and enables the patient to be fully awake while the procedure is in progress.

Invasiveness – The traditional technique requires a bigger surgical instrument than that adopted for the laser mode, making it more invasive than the latter. What’s more, this procedure is more forceful and might cause more bleeding and bruising. The new laser liposuction technique involves minimal blood loss and bruising.

Management of Pain – The traditional mode calls for the use of narcotic drugs to manage prolonged and considerable post-surgical pain. For the laser technique however, over the counter drugs are enough to resolve the pain and discomfort. This is particularly the case with Smartlipo liposuction which causes only minimal or negligible pain.

Skin Tightening – The traditional technique often leaves behind loose and drooping skin that has to be removed with another plastic surgery procedure. The laser system on the other hand, has thermal properties which tighten and contour the skin, doing away with any need for elimination.

Recovery – Patients going for the traditional technique are usually treated in a hospital. They have to continue to be in the recovery room till they have fully woken up and are ambulatory. They may also need to stay overnight. They may need as much as one or even more weeks to be able to return to their regular routine. Laser liposuction surgery is an outpatient procedure. The recovery is much faster than that for the traditional mode.

Scarring – The scars of the traditional technique are visible after surgery. Even though the laser mode causes scarring, this is negligible and inconspicuous or concealable under clothing.

Risk Factor – The traditional mode is carried out under general anesthesia and is also invasive. Post-surgical problems can arise from blood clots and serious hematomas and also from general anesthesia. The laser technique is minimally invasive and much safer.

The Advanced System that We Know As the Smartlipo Triplex™

Before concluding the article, a little may be mentioned about the Smartlipo Triplex™ liposuction system that has taken the world by storm. This advanced piece of equipment has been engineered by Cynosure. Apart from the three intelligent delivery systems that enable precise, uniform and regulated contouring, the Triplex system provides the following benefits. This is apart from those already mentioned in the article:

•  Powerful and effortless destruction of fat
•  The 1440 nm laser tops the performance of the 980 nm and 940 nm diode lasers
•  Short duration procedure
•  High-definition sculpting
•  No need for sutures
•  Lasting and beautiful results

Towards Getting the Ideal Body

You must now have a fairly good idea regarding how laser liposuction differs from traditional liposuction. With this procedure available now, we all are much closer to achieving that “ideal body” in the easiest way possible. If you have any questions or doubts, consult your nearest plastic surgeon.

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How Laser Liposuction Differs from Traditional Liposuction

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How Laser Liposuction Differs from Traditional Liposuction

This article was published on 2011/12/02