Laser Hair Removal Cancer

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With laser hair removal treatments becoming more and more popular these days, people are starting to ask questions about the safety of the procedure. Are there risks, dangers or side effects connected to it? The advertisements on the television and the radio will only tell you about people's success stories. The ones that have gone right. But there have been people unfortunate enough to develop severe side effects after having had a laser treatment. The side effects that you will most often encounter are the ones that are a direct result of the laser's heat on the skin.

The type of side effects we're talking about here are blistering of the skin, burning of the skin, crusting of the skin, wounding of the skin, etc. When you do develop wounds, they may become infected. This opens up the door to a whole new world of painful problems. You don't want your wounds to become infected. They'll develop scar tissue if they do. Skin crusting is also a side effect to be taken seriously. This requires medical attention right away. Other laser hair removal side effects are things such as lightening of the skin, darkening of the skin and darkening of tattoos. Skin discolorations are almost always temporary.

Laser Hair Removal Cancer

But the main questions remains. Can a laser hair removal treatment cause cancer? In this laser treatment, the laser that is used is a non ionizing one. This means the laser's radiation is composed of magnetic and electric fields that oscillate and travelling at light speed. This kind of laser can produce very intense heat in a very local area. But there is one thing that it cannot do, and that is cause cancer. In order for radiation to cause cancer, it would have to be able to severely damage small particles in your body in order to make your cells go cancerous. But any radiation that doesn't influence molecules, cannot damage your DNA and it cannot cause cancer.

Rest assured. Laser hair removal treatment does not cause cancer.

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Laser Hair Removal Cancer

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This article was published on 2010/03/27