Laser Hair Removal Risks

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Laser hair removal is an excellent option for long -term removal of unwanted hair or painful ingrown hairs, but due to the fact that it is considered a medical procedure it's always smart to consult your physician and ask his advice in this regards. In the past eight years laser hair removal has grown in popularity, and now has become a booming industry, it is the second most common cosmetic procedure performed, second to Botox injections, but despite of its rising popularity laser hair removal is not without risks. The good news is that the possibilities of complications are VERY low.

Some of possible risk factors are as follows:

* Hypopigmentation. The lightening or darkening of skin is considered, hyprepigmentation or hypopigmenation, which in most cases is temporary, a few days to a few months, and worst case scenario permanent. This is an important risk to consider if you have darker skin pigmentation, which may experience skin lightening.

*Change of skin skin texture. This is a very rare complication resulting from using the lasers against the skin.

*Bleeding. Another rare complication that happens during the actual procedure, it usually occurs when the laser hair removal equipment is in the hands of somebody that is inexperienced and puts the laser in the wrong setting.

*Infection. This is another rare complication that can be avoided buy only going to a specialist who are proficient in this procedure.

*Scarring. Rarely, patients will experience blisters or burns that may be an adverse reaction to the actual laser. In rare occurrences the blisters or burns turn into scarring, and the severity of the scarring really depends on the ability of the body to heal. Most of this can be avoided by informing the technician if you feel anything uncomfortable or excessive pain during the procedure.

There are many factors weigh in when considering laser hair removal ,and the risks associated, no matter how small, should be brought up when asking your general practioncers that you are thinking about receiving laser hair treatments.

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Laser Hair Removal Risks

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This article was published on 2010/03/27