Laser Lipo and Smart Lipo

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Laser lipo is a relatively new technology. This procedure is a kind of liposuction where the excess body fat is removed from the body using laser beams. The laser beams are used to liquefy the fatty cells inside the body. After liquefaction, these cells leave the body through normal metabolism of the body.

Laser lipo is also known as Smart Lipo or Laser Liposuction. This technique is different from normal liposuction technique since it doesn't require any incisions on the body. This procedure is often done when the patient is awake without any local anesthetic. This saves quite a bit of money which would have gone on anesthesia. This is one of the reasons why laser liposuction is cheaper than normal liposuction procedure.

This procedure has other advantages apart from cost and number of incisions as mentioned earlier. The recovery time of laser liposuction is only a few hours instead of a few days. Due to absence of any cuts, there are no scars which are left behind after the surgery. The success rate of this procedure is also very high.

However, laser liposuction should be performed on body parts having only a small amount of fat in that area. The most commonly treated body parts by this procedure are neck and saddlebags. The surgeon is able to sculpt the area while doing this surgery since the treated area is very small. Also, there is no skin sagging after this surgery. Usually, laser lipo is an outpatient procedure therefore you don't have to get admitted to the hospital. If the area to be treated is bigger, then doctors recommend going with normal liposuction techniques.

Always choose a surgeon having good amount of experience and skill in this procedure. Since the results of liposuction depend on the skill of the surgeon, only medical knowledge is not enough. Usually, the liposuction expenses are not covered under health insurance. Therefore it is important to make sure that you are going to a surgeon who has the qualification and experience of doing similar laser lipo surgeries.

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Laser Lipo and Smart Lipo

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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