Laser pens – multiple uses

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The laser pens are made of high quality metal, which make the pens durable. Laser pens are robust in their make yet subtle in terms of their features and they are quite popular among people who use them. However, between the red laser pen and the green laser pen, there is a noticeable preference among the users towards the green pens. Teachers, astronomers, engineers, doctors and others use the green pens extensively.

Laser pens come with various specifications with regard to the kind of beam emitted, the colour of the beam and the power of the beam.  From being used to highlight objects to pointing out stars in the sky, laser pens have a number of uses. Hence laser pointers come with short range beams and long range beams. The pens come with adjustable focus with an average wavelength of 532nm. Certain laser pens are also waterproof, which is another advantage for its users. Laser pens are equipped with rechargeable batteries. The average output of a laser pen is around 50mw. While the beams from the laser pens are visible in the dark, they are not so visible in normal light unless the air is very clear.

The laser pens are a common feature at conferences and meetings where they assist in the presentations made by speakers. Similarly, they are also used in classrooms by teachers to point out objects on the board while teaching to make the learning experience more interesting for the students. Other uses of the laser pens include museums and exhibitions, as star pointers in the night sky, and they can even measure the positions of building from a distance. A very important use of laser pens is as a guide to mountaineers or to send SOS signals.

There are nevertheless certain safety measures to be remembered while using laser pens. Firstly, they should not be pointed directly at the eyes. Secondly the beams from the laser should not be directly pointed at people. Thirdly, they are not to be pointed at reflective surfaces, since in that case the beams will be reflected directly back onto the person pointing the beam. Fourthly, laser pens should be kept out of the reach of children. Laser pens with low maximum output, a wavelength between 630-680nm and equipped with FDA certification is recommended for use.

Laser pens are therefore quite useful for several purposes and if the safety measures are kept in mind, they can be used extensively.


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Laser pens – multiple uses

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This article was published on 2011/06/30