The Technology Behind Laser Hair Removal

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Throughout time, humans have developed different ways to remove unwanted body hair. With today’s modern technology, laser hair removal has become available in most aesthetic clinic. Laser hair removal is best done with a trained aesthetic doctor. Nowadays, there are different kinds of laser technology to remove unwanted hair. A lot of people do not know the different kinds of laser hair removal. This article will take a closer look on the different kinds of laser technology to remove unwanted body hairs.

These days, there are different options that are available when it comes to using laser as a way to remove unwanted body hair. Some of these laser options are alexandrite laser, ruby laser and diode laser. The results vary from person to person. Some people enjoy great success with no to little drawbacks. However, some have treatment difficulties, mostly people with dark hair and dark skin.

There is a newer laser technology to remove unwanted body hair, and that is IPL laser. Some have testified to the affectivity of this new technology to remove undesired hair. A bigger number of patients have been satisfied with the results of IPL laser, and it has lesser side effects compared to other laser based treatments. The treatment is a lot faster, and only requires lesser treatment sessions. This can save a lot of time and money for the costumers.

The idea behind using laser to remove hair is similar no matter what kind of laser treatment it is. The aesthetic doctor makes use of laser technology in a controlled way to damage the follicle just enough so that it will cease to grow hair. The doctor calibrates the machine into specific energy level, time frame and specific wavelength suited for the patient. The laser is then directed at the follicles, which is then absorbed by the follicles, heats it up and damage them at the right amounts. Depending on the calibration of the laser, it may provide permanent loss of hair or stops the hair growth at the follicle level for longer periods of time.

Choosing laser removal has its advantages. One of those advantages is that it offers longer cessation of hair growth and oftentimes, permanent hair growth cessation. This can save you money in the long run. There is also less pain involved when opting for laser as form of removing unwanted body hair, unlike waxing where the pain is hard to endure without taking pain reliever medications.

However, there are drawbacks of using laser to remove unwanted body hair. One obvious drawback is the cost is rather steep upfront. This is undeniably true. However, if you look at it that longer perspective, you will only have the treatment done once, and you will no longer have to pay for removal of unwanted hair ever again. This can save you money in the long run. It will also be a lot convenient for you and saves you time since you do not have to do body waxing ever again.

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The Technology Behind Laser Hair Removal

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The Technology Behind Laser Hair Removal

This article was published on 2012/11/13